What to Ask Yourself Before You Buy


First and foremost, what do you want to accomplish?

Who are you trying to reach?  Knowing who this person is helps you to identify what product might be the best for delivering your message. Do they sit at a desk? Spend all day in a vehicle? Run a machine? Travel a lot? 

How will this item be distributed?  A set of steak knives may be the best speaker gift ever, but not if that person flew here with carry-on luggage.  And 500 ceramic mugs at a tradeshow probably aren’t going to fit in your booth.

What is the message?  Are you saying Thank You? Hey! Call me, I can help you...? Are you reinforcing your brand image in someone's mind? Is there a theme or focus, or is this a meeting you want to commemorate?

How much do you want to spend?  Is this a $2-3 thank you? A $15 gift? A tradeshow item under $1?  Getting a general idea doesn’t mean you are committing to spending that much, it just makes sure we are starting in the right place.  

Promotional Products as Part of Your Integrated Brand

The world of marketing is constantly evolving - where brands were once limited to newspaper ads and storefront signs, they now have multimedia options that are always changing. This world of ever changing media means that there is still no better way to put your brand's logo and message directly in someone's hand. We consider branded products part of your integrated, multimedia approach to advertising. So, talk to us about what other media you are utilizing so we can make sure the product you select works with your overall marketing plan. 

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